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This is a iPad Pro Cup Holder to place my iPad Pro in the middle console of the a Ford Expedition and play movies and have the sound come out thru the car stereo system.

There is 2 different designs, one requires 2 cup holders and the other one requires only one cup holder.

There is 3 different STL files that allows you to print either one.

The cup holders fit the expedition without the rubber inserts, but you can use the rubber inserts for  cup holders too… it just will sit higher.

I printed the one that requires both cup holders mainly because I wanted the iPad to be centered, but you can use only one if that is what you prefer.

I used 8% fill and I printed supports and a raft.

This design is free for download*

*Non Commercial Use, you can print as many as you desire as long as you don’t resell them or resell the design.

Cup Holder Adapter

iPad Holder Dual Posts

iPad Holder Single Post

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